AI-powered data about 36.800 buyers from the Cosmetics industry

Stop wasting valuable time searching for leads. Access constantly updated information about cosmetics products importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in an easy-to-use online platform.

Contact companies and reach the right contact persons by email, phone or social media

Accurate Contact Details

We make sure that your calls and emails have the best chance to be answered by allowing you to reach the ideal prospects on a variety of channels using professionally verified email addresses, telephone numbers and social media profiles.

Working with old data will never be a problem again as our team and AI systems update the data daily, removing dead leads and adding new ones.

With over 37.000 contact persons,
finding the ideal business partner is now easier than ever.

We offer worldwide coverage







Advanced Filters and Search Options

The platform includes advanced filtering options which allow you to target the companies that are focused on importing products similar to yours. An advanced internal search engine is also ideal to find buyers for specific products and brands.

Some of the main filters are: Makeup, Bath Supplies, Perfumes & Deodorants, Skin Care Products, Shaving & Hair Removal, Nail Products, Oral Hygiene, Products, Baby Care, Equipment & Accessories.

Other preset filters include the country in which the cosmetics importers/distributors are located or the date when the entries were added to the database.

A Complex Company Profile

Sometimes you need more than contact information about a lead and this is why we provide a complete picture of your potential partners, including their address, Google Map Location with images, their financial profile*, categories of imported products and much more.

Simple and Efficient Contacts Management

Work smarter by efficiently managing your contacts and improve your sales process. Our quick and easy to use platform grants you the possibility to create a list of favorite companies and add personal notes to help you record your interaction with them (e.g. sent offers, received feedback, arranged a meeting at an expo). Additionally, companies email addresses can easily be exported into a CSV file and integrated with other marketing software solutions to suit your needs.

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