Our mission

Allowing producers from around the world to find the perfect business connections has been our main goal since launching our first data platform in 2005.

Our mission is to offer access to complete and complex information about companies worldwide – with a focus on buyers from various industries. We do this with the help of our revolutionary platforms, updated daily by our teams of experts.

Over the last 15 years, we’ve expanded our highly focused platforms, which initially covered the wine and food sectors, and we are now offering the same high-quality leads for the Cosmetics sector as well, with OnCosmetics.



The company’s first data platform, BestWineImporters, arrived, quickly becoming one of the go-to solutions for professionals in this industry who were looking for importers worldwide.


Our second major project, BestFoodImporters, followed the initial recipe – precise, updated information combined with extended contact options – and soon became a success on its own, with thousands of clients and countless success stories


It was time to migrate all our databases to a new cloud system, allowing us to offer instant updates and new leads on a daily basis. Our clients also gained the ability to access the platforms from any place with an internet connection and to save their work online.


After a complex development and testing phase, a unique search system developed by our experts was implemented to further improve the chances of our clients to find buyers for very specific products


Our third major platform, OnCosmetics, arrives with a focus on the Cosmetics industry and over 21.000 importers, distributors, salons, and suppliers. It also comes with an upgraded interface, making it even easier to use, and a number of cutting-edge technologies.

Meet the team behind OnCosmetics

Vasile Pop


Raul Ujog

IT Specialist

Alexa Maria

Data Analyst

Sergiu Briceag

Marketing Manager

Renata Benedek

Sales Manager

Andrea Trifan


Cosmin Casian

Software developer

Bianca Restea


Melania Sabau

Data Analyst

Daniel Chira

Data Manager

Ioana Jarca

Data Processing

Ibolya Indries


Alexandra Lulea

Data Processing

Daniela Farcas

Data Processing

Ana Maria Pirvu

Data Processing

Bianca Mocanu

Data Processing

Rudolf Csuha

Software developer

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