Zito Marketi

“Zito”​ has been successfully operating on the Macedonian market for more than 25 years. Our mission to provide high quality service and quality products for the cheapest prices, will continue on in the future by opening new supermarkets and new positions, by connecting “Zito”​ to as many citizens as possible.

Zito Marketi Industries
Baby CareBath SuppliesFeminine HygieneHair ProductsOral Hygiene ProductsPerfumes & DeodorantsSanitary PaperShaving & Hair RemovalSkin Care Products
Potential Decision Makers
  • Commercial Sales Manager

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  • Administrative&assets Director

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  • Ceo

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  • commercial manager

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Zito Marketi FAQ

Zito Marketi have 501-1000 employees

Zito Marketi is located in Municipality of Brvenica

Zito Marketi operates in the following sectors: Large Retail Chains

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