Kelsey Erin Salon

Kelsey Erin Salon + Shop opened May 1st, 2018 in the vivacious and vibrant Kirkwood neighborhood. After working and managing several salons, Kelsey decided it was time to throw her hat into the ring and open her own.

Kelsey Erin Salon Industries
Hair Products

Retailer, Beauty Salon

Founded in May 1st, 2018

+1 404-549-8219
1619 Hosea L Williams Drive Northeast, Kirkwood
Georgia, DeKalb County
Potential Decision Makers
  • Owner

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Kelsey Erin Salon

Kelsey Erin Salon FAQ

Kelsey Erin Salon have employees

Kelsey Erin Salon is located in Georgia, DeKalb County

Kelsey Erin Salon operates in the following sectors: Retailer, Beauty Salon

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