Dental & Cosmetic Care

Wholesale of oral care products. Our company has specialized, among other things, in better and unique oral care products. Since 1991, many consumers have benefited from using the products in our range.

Dental & Cosmetic Care Industries
Oral Hygiene Products

Importer, Wholesaler, Producer

Founded in 1991

+31 226 399 898
43 Leuringslaan
Groningen, Westerkwartier
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    • Vice President

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    • Regional Director

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    • Territory Manager

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    • Manager, Private Client Sales

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    Dental & Cosmetic Care FAQ

    Dental & Cosmetic Care have employees

    Dental & Cosmetic Care is located in Groningen, Westerkwartier

    Dental & Cosmetic Care operates in the following sectors: Importer, Wholesaler, Producer

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