Aversi Pharma

“Aversi” company was founded on November 14, 1994. At the initiative of the founder, a Latin word was chosen as its name, the meaning of which best corresponded to the principle of the company’s development – continuous and balanced development, spiral progress.

Aversi Pharma Industries
Baby CareBath SuppliesHair ProductsMakeupNail ProductsOral Hygiene ProductsPerfumes & DeodorantsShaving & Hair RemovalSkin Care Products
Potential Decision Makers
  • Head Of Procurement Department

    •••••••@••••.ge (•••) •••-••••
  • assistant of General Director

    •••••••@••••.ge (•••) •••-••••
  • Deputy Director

    •••••••@••••.ge (•••) •••-••••
  • Deputy head of logistic department

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Aversi Pharma FAQ

Aversi Pharma have 5001-10,000 employees

Aversi Pharma is located in Tbilisi

Aversi Pharma operates in the following sectors: Importer, Retailer

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