Ac Skin Care

AC Skin Care Solutions Ltd. was established in 1999 and is a sister company of Hi-2 Cosmetics Ltd (estbl. 1974). The general managers and owners of the company are Andreas & Xanthi Charitonos. AC Skin Care Solutions Ltd operates primarily in the professional beauty market serving aestheticians, beauty institutes, and spas in Cyprus and Greece. More specifically, it focuses on the distribution of professional nad retail cosmetics lines, including professional nails & make-up, salon therapies, beauty salon equipment and machinery and salon furniture.

Ac Skin Care Industries
Equipments & AccessoriesMakeupNail ProductsShaving & Hair RemovalSkin Care Products
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Ac Skin Care FAQ

Ac Skin Care have employees

Ac Skin Care is located in Nicosia

Ac Skin Care operates in the following sectors: Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer, Online Store

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